Monday, 17 September 2012

Southern Charm in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia is one of those cities that immediately transports you back in time. The Southern charm exudes from the city and the friendly southern drawl of the locals is reminiscent of films such as 'Gone With The Wind.'

Savannah is Georgia's fifth largest city and attacts millions of visitors. The Savannah Victorian Historic District contains 22 historic squares and is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts in the United States.

Savannah has long and hot tropical summers and is a port city, located on the Savannah River. It is also at risk from hurricanes - we actually had a hurricane warning when we were visiting and were terrified as to what to do!

It came on the TV when we were in our motel room but we weren't contacted by the front desk and luckily nothing happened. Maybe it would be an idea in areas like this to give some guidance to guests (maybe by way of information in the motel room) as to what the procedure is if a hurricane is on its way.

The city's former name, in order to promote it was 'Hostess city of the South' which it certainly lives up to - the people were the most hospitable and friendly we came across.

The Savannah Riverfront (River St) is lined with shops and restaurants and is a very pleasant place to take a stroll.We also took one of the trolley tours when we were there and explored the historic squares. The squares are all different sizes and contain monuments, fountains and gorgeous landscaping.

The area was so genteel with horse and carriages available for hire for that real 'gone back in time' feeling!

For a real taste of the elegant south, you will not go wrong with a visit to Savannah.

We stayed at the Days Inn (11750 Abercorn Street) which I would recommend but please see earlier comment regarding hurricane information.

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