Thursday, 27 September 2012

A published article and Picture The World Project

I'm so pleased to announce that I recently had an article published in Travel Culture Magazine. The article is 'An Epic Road Trip Through Latin America' and details my trip travelling through Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Travel Culture Magazine is a community of travellers, bloggers and culture enthusiasts and features a collection of articles from featured writers on a whole variety of destinations. Check out the site if you'd like to read some of the fantastic articles. You can also read my piece here.

Another piece of exciting news I had was that my photo of Piazza Del Campo in Siena was chosen to represent Italy in The Departure Board's Picture The World Project.

The Picture The World Project aims to create a photographic display with a photograph representing every country in the world. When the project is complete, it will create a magnificent display.

You can view my photo here.

I was inspired by this project and decided I should run a similar project here on Patchwork Travels. So I have created the Edible World Project which aims to create a visual display of all the foods that represent a nation. If you have a great photograph of a country's national dish, I would love you to enter it into this great project!

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